Fiscal IQ Quiz

The Comeback America Initiative has developed a “Fiscal IQ Quiz” which anyone can take to test their understanding of our federal government’s serious financial condition and bleak fiscal outlook. The quiz includes two types of questions: ones that test knowledge of fiscal facts (Fiscal Knowledge), and others that will gauge whether the test taker’s views about potential solutions are realistic as compared to those of a number of objective federal budget experts (Fiscal Wisdom).

After completing the five minute and 30-question quiz, participants are provided two scores (Fiscal Knowledge and Fiscal Wisdom) as well as an overall IQ score, which is the average of the Knowledge and Wisdom scores. For any questions they answer incorrectly, the test taker will receive information explaining why they were wrong. The Fiscal IQ Quiz can be found here.

Please complete the quiz and then get colleagues, friends and family to do the same. Together, we can fix our country’s finances and keep America great.


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